Fix: ‘AccountNotOnboarded’ error while adding MacBook to Microsoft Endpoint Manager ( Intune ) using Company Portal

If you’re getting the error ‘Couldn’t add your device. Contact your IT admin for assistance with this issue. AccountNotOnboarded’ while trying to add the MacBook to Microsoft Intune using the company portal. You can follow below steps to fix the issue


Root Cause: There’s a problem with the certificate that lets the mobile device communicate with your company’s network. Enrollment will fail and this message will appear if: The steps to get an APNs certificate weren’t completed, or The APNs certificate has expired. 

Step 1: Check the Certificate Status

To check the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate status, you can go to Endpoint Management Console > Devices > Enroll Devices > Apple Enrollment > Apple MDM Push certificate 

If you have already configured the certificate you’ll be able to see the status of the certificate, if not you’ll get the wizard to configure the certificate 


If the Status is Expired / Inactive, you can renew the certificate from the Apple Push Certificates Portal 


Step 2: Creating a new Certificate ( Ignore this if you renewed the certificate in the above step )

If you haven’t created a MDM push certificate already, when you click on Apple MDM Push certificate in the above step you’ll be prompted with a wizard to create a new certificate.